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If I may be so bold as to make a few suggestions to you, I’d like to point out a couple of things you might want to do while you are still just 10 comics deep, and the effort involved to catch up is not so daunting. I’ve done work in WordPress, so I know these things are possible and easy in most Themes.

First, you may want to define a couple of Categories for your posts. Yes, most are going to fit under the aegis of “Comic”, but there will invariably the occasional “Guest Comic”, “News”, or “Misc”, so why not set them up now? It will also help archive-divers who want to read just the comics and skip the non-canon and newsy stuff.

Second, your more fervent readers will thank you if you tag each posting with the names of the characters appearing. That way if someone is looking for something that Eddie said a few months ago, it’s easy to click the “Eddie” tag and get a listing of all the comics that he appeared in. Actually, it’s as helpful for you as well as your readers, because it is hard to keep all the details of your story absolutely clear in your head, and being able to go back and find the strip that Paul busted out with the Emily Dickinson verse quickly and easily can be quite the boon. Also, you don’t have to stick to character names. You can also tag frequent locations and motifs in your work. David Willis does both at once by tagging “taco bell”.

On that note, you can also put the whole dialog text in a field so that the search bots will crawl the page and find it, so if someone really wants to find the comic that Penny talks about transhumanism, they can just drop a few keywords into Google and find it right away. Again, potentially useful for you.

With webcomics, the opportunity to do all those things that you wished you knew about when you started doesn’t come around often. This is your time. Make the most of it.

I stumbled across this comic from a favourite webcomic and am really enjoying it.
Just started it from the beginning. 🙂
But I did try and check out the OAH prequel and that seems to not work/load at all, instead taking me to a search page.
Don’t know if you’ve taken it offline due to server cost or something, just thought I’d mention it in case it is available in any other form or if you were not aware of it being down by some chance.
Thanks for this, I’m irritatingly picky about the comics I connect with and just wanted to let you know that your characters and work struck a chord Im enjoying listening to right now as I play catch up.

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