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Hi, there. So nice of you to drop by.

I’m Alex, and this is Living to Death. The story of young people in the wild, untamed frontierland of suburban Connecticut, navigating the perils of self-sufficiency and post-adolescence. Exploring the possibilities of adult life is a risky endeavor, and sometimes the enterprising individual can end up pushing the boundaries of one’s existence or even reality itself, especially if one lives in a comic strip. Plus, poop and sex jokes!!!

Jump on over to the Cast page to see who the major players are, or read this comic’s prequel series, Out at Home, to see what these characters were doing in high school. (Hint: it’s hijinks, they were doing hijinks.)

So sit a spell, take your shoes off, and kill some time reading about other peoples’ problems for a while. Hell, go ahead and use my recliner, I insist. But make sure you don’t eat any of the chips on top of the fridge, they’re mine, and I *will* notice.

…I forgot what I was talking about.


I would have thought somewhere on this site would be a “banner ad” back to the first series, Out at Home (or you know, a tiny link at least.)

Anyways… I’ve been trying to decide if this artist I’m about to link has drawn us a near-realism Penny (younger, old hairstyle, hence why I was looking for the OOH backlink) in what I must warn in advance is a VERY NSFW scene. If it’s not deliberately meant to be Penny, it ‘s close enough that it could easily be pretended to be by anyone who wanted to for… um… reasons. ^_^;

This is Alex. A link went here that I deleted because it led to a drawing of a ginger girl getting frosted with unconventional icing and I’m fairly certain has nothing to do with my comic and I have no problem whatsoever with pornography but seriously this is right at the top of the “ABOUT” page, man. Seriously.

Heh, well, a picture like that probably represents some of Penny’s activities … although she seems to be headed more in the female direction lately, judging by the existence of Chris.

Speaking of which, that’s an interesting twist on the being-gay-with-conservative-religious-parents issue, assuming Chris’s parents aren’t one of the rare Christian Indians. We don’t see much in American media about fundamentalist Hindu parents, since most of the Hindus who would move to America are probably pretty liberal in their beliefs, and thus we never see the conservative side of the religion, over here. I’ve run into a couple of conservative Hindus, though, and they’re basically just like conservative Christians, only with a different godhead. Funny how that works.

That’s totally not going to end up with unplanned sexual activities, huh? Being close to someone with whom you have a sexual history never leads to inadvisable, post-breakup sex, right?

And I see you’ve worked retail and are familiar with the falsity of the “The customer is always right,” bullshit, huh?

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